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September 20, 2020

The Performing Arts of Todern

The Performing Arts of Todern was founded in 1991 by Wong Kit Yaw, Woon Fook Sen, Wong Yor Lan and Ng Piek Yan. Since its inception, Wong Kit Yaw, as the artistic director of the team, has directed and collaborated with numerous national and international artists and groups in both traditional and contemporary dance projects.  The blend of creativity and originality in their productions has been acclaimed by both critics and audiences throughout Malaysia. The Performing Arts Of Todern has demonstrated considerable commitment to the development of Malaysia’s dance fraternity by its contribution towards Malaysia’s cultural life. It has a prominent place not only in community expression but also in the creative and active social fabric of the community.


Chinese Dance Odyssey
Wong Kit Yaw
Roc Chen & Mohd Radzi bin Rosli

Chinese dance has kept to its original form of Han classical and folk dance genres found in China, and was brought by immigrants to Malaysia in the mid 20th century. With over 8 decades of conscious process to dynamically evolve beyond mere replication, Chinese Malaysian choreographers has adopted and incorporated fresh ideas and elements reflecting other ethnic influences of both Asian and Western cultures. This has enhanced the techniques and repertoire which can be discerned in the new choreography of dance works like Celebrations, Fan Dance, Yangge Ribbon Dance and Dancing Mei Mei, resulting in vibrant dance movements that are contemporary in treatment and Chinese Malaysian in identity.