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September 27, 2020

Swara Community Arts Center (SWARA CAC)

Swara Community Arts Center (SWARA CAC) is an organisation made up of a team of renowned and dedicated performing artistes who share a common dream of teaching the performing arts to students who have the passion to learn (irrespective of race, colour or creed). It endeavours to showcase the performing arts to the local community. The brainchild of sitar maestro Samuel J Dass, SWARA CAC is a sanctuary where all are welcome to partake in a delightful nourishment of the performing arts. At SWARA CAC, students learn from masters in their respective fields. Since its inception in 2014, SWARA CAC has successfully presented and participated in various music and dance programmes, both nationally and internationally.

SwarAsia, an acoustically-driven band affiliated to Swara Community Arts Center, is led by sitar maestro Samuel J Dass, complemented by an eclectic combination of talented musicians who weave their individual skills into a rhythmic and inspired colour of music composition, resulting in a blend of traditional East and West. SwarAsia released its debut album of seven original musical compositions by Samuel J Dass, which won it the 2019 BOH Cameronian Arts Award for Best Original Composition and Best Musical Direction. 


Composition: Samuel J Dass
Samuel J Dass (Sitar), Prakash Kandasamy (tabla & konnakol), Santosh Logandran (vocal & percussion), HariRaam Tingyuan Lam (violin), Marco Antonio Alfonso (lead guitar), Eliezer Enan (Rhythm guitar), Hadi (Bass guitar) & Saufi (Sape) 

  • Wandering Minds
    When the mind flows with the rhythm of the heart, the soul embarks on a magical journey.
  • Within Dreams
    When one is in tune with life, reality then becomes dreamlike.





    • Show Date:

      September 27, 2020