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September 24, 2020

Suvarna Fine Arts

Established in 1993 by Shri Ajith Bhaskar in Johor Bahru, Suvarna Fine Arts is recognised as a highly creative group and catalyst of Indian dance in Malaysia and abroad. Its founder-director, Ajith Bhaskar, together with his dancers are noted for their vibrant dance renditions, striking and original choreography and innovative theatrical presentations.

In keeping with its objective of promoting and nurturing classical dance as a powerful medium for the performing arts, Suvarna has trained and produced many dancers of exceptional talent who have achieved recognition as some of the finest dancers of Malaysia. Suvarna operates three branches in Johor, conducted by its senior alumni and continues to carve a distinctive and creative trajectory in Malaysian dance.


SANGRAHA – A tapestry of bharatanatyam

Choreographer Ajith Bhaskar
Music Sreedev Rajagopal (composition & vocal rendition), TV Gopalakrishnan (composition) & Iraiyaman Thambi (poet)

SANGRAHA weaves seamlessly predominant features of this ancient classical South Indian dance form in a capsule. Through melody, lyrics, movement and mime, SANGRAHA brings forth the vibrant architectonic motives through the complexity of rhythms; and nuanced poignancy through intense expressive emotions. The repertoire engages the audience with an invocation, lullaby and a flourish of pure dance, extending an invitation to relish in the vast canvas of bharatanatyam. 




  • Show Date:

    September 24, 2020