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Gerak Angin
The Malaysian Virtual Arts Festival
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September 26, 2020

Pusat Budaya Pusaka

PUSAKA is a non-profit organisation established to conduct research and create a comprehensive documentary archive of traditional performance in Malaysia, while strengthening the viability of these traditions at the community level. PUSAKA works intimately with some of the most distinguished performers of the wayang kulit, mak yong, manora, main puteri and dikir barat traditions of Kelantan.  It is expanding its work to embrace traditions from other states in Malaysia, including the mah meri of Selangor, kompang, wayang purwo and kuda kepang of Johor, Portuguese dance of Malacca, and teochew puppetry of Penang. PUSAKA also attempts to respond to present-day challenges that threaten the continuity and integrity of traditional performance. Through organising regular public performances and local instruction projects, PUSAKA aims to enhance the viability of traditional performance. In this way, PUSAKA supports the transmission of these performance traditions to a succeeding generation, while providing alternative performance platforms that, above all, preserve the dignity and stature of the traditional performer. In all its work, PUSAKA seeks to establish a deep interaction with aspects of history and contemporary ideas while illuminating and providing an intellectual context for the contemplation of broader perspectives on aspects of culture, tradition and ideas.


Pusaka presents
Seni Reog by Kumpulan Sri Wahyuni
Traditional music for traditional Reog Ponorogo

Seni Reog is a tradition that originates from Ponorogo in East Java, and is practised in Johor by communities of Javanese descent. The Reog tradition traces its narrative origins to the legend of King Kelono Sewandono of Ponorogo, the beautiful Princess of Kediri, and a ferocious Singa Barong that protects the princess’ kingdom. The centre-piece of the Reog tradition is the majestic Singa Barong mask, which dramatically depicts a lion’s head-mask, elaborately decked with peacock feathers. It requires great skill and strength to wear the Singa Barong mask, which exceeds 7 feet high and weighs 50kg. Other prominent figures in a Reog performance are the valiant and playful Bujang Ganong masked-dancers and alluring jathilan dancers on woven horses. A Reog performance is accompanied by a musical ensemble, consisting of gong, kenong, gendang, tipong, angklung and slompret.

Kumpulan Sri Wahyuni

PUSAKA works closely with Kumpulan Sri Wahyuni from Parit Raja, Batu Pahat, Johor. Established in 1970, Kumpulan Sri Wahyuni is among the foremost custodians and bearers of cultural heritage and tradition among the large community of Javanese descendants in Johor, Malaysia. They are the most acclaimed masters of the majestic Malaysian Reog Ponorogo tradition and adept in the Wayang Kulit Purwo and Gamelan traditions. Sri Wahyuni has performed at numerous Festivals and is often invited as the opening performance at official ceremonies and festive occasions. Sri Wahyuni’s impressive and energetic performances never fail to draw a crowd.


Youtube – Rebana Ubi

Youtube – Mak Yong


  • Show Date:

    September 26, 2020