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September 18, 2020

KL Shakespeare Players (KLSP)

From an informal group that started in 2011, KL Shakespeare Players (KLSP) established themselves as the only theatre company in Malaysia that focuses on Shakespeare’s works. Each year, they draw a diverse audience to watch Shakespeare performed live. They do so without running away from his language.

KLSP’s production in 2017, SD: Macbeth traveled to 14 locations, performed more than 40 shows to over 6500 pairs of eyes. Apart from KL, they have traveled to Langkawi, Penang, Ipoh, Nilai, Seremban and Johor Bahru as well as overseas to Manila (Philippines) and Seoul (South Korea).

Their mission is to take Shakespeare to every state in Malaysia, and eventually to all countries in Southeast Asia.
Beyond the annual Shakespeare Demystified Series, KLSP actively provides training and workshops based on the concept of “Learning Through Shakespeare”. They work with students from primary and secondary schools, colleges and universities to deepen the students’ appreciation of the Bard, to improve their communication skills, or to explore various stage crafts, all rooted in Shakespeare’s text and works.

To contribute to theatre development locally, KLSP also provides free training sessions to actors dedicated to honing their skills. They generously share ideas, knowledge and experiences in making good theatre. KLSP hopes to help expand the pool of actors who are serious about their work, and who appreciate that true artists do not avoid hard work.


Storytelling Sang Kancil: How Beruang Lost His Tail
Director Lim Kien Lee

This may be the myth of how Beruang (Bear) lost his tail, but it begins with Sang Kancil’s (Mousedeer) need to save his children from Harimau’s (Tiger) cave. Monyet (Monkey) snitches on them and brings both Harimau and Beruang to the cave. However, Sang Kancil quickly hatches a plan of escape that frightens off Harimau and leaves a tailless Beruang.




  • Show Date:

    September 18, 2020