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Gerak Angin
The Malaysian Virtual Arts Festival
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September 16, 2020

Geng Wak Long

Geng Wak Long (GWL) specialises in Kelantanese traditional art genres such as the Neo Authentic Kelantanese Traditional music of Malaysia and Contemporary Music. GWL also plays other genres such as fusion (World Music), Malaysian syncretic traditional music (Ghazal, Malay Asli Music, Malay Gamelan, Keroncong) and Malaysian pop music. For the Neo Authentic Kelantanese Traditional Music, GWL specialises in a wide range of the traditional genres such as wayang kulit (Kelantan shadow puppet theatre), dikir barat, Kelantan silat, mak yong, tari inai, asyik, rebana ubi, kertuk, tarik selampit, main puteri@teri and Kelantanese traditional orchestra. 

The founder and director, Mohd Kamrulbahri bin Hussin, is also the principal composer and teacher, who is himself a talented multi-instrumentalist/musician. The name ‘Wak Long’ is based on one of the important characters in Kelantanese wayang kulit. GWL is made up of Kamrul’s family members who have been practitioners of traditional music and performing arts. Geng Wak Long has performed at the Penang World Music Festival 2012, International Sound and Light Festival KLCC 2012, International Drum Festival, Kaleidoscope Hand Drum Festival 2013, Rain Forest World Music Festival 2014 and Borneo World Expo 2014.


Beringin Sakti 2.0
Composition Mohd Kamrulbahri Hussin @Wak Long

An arrangement of Traditional Malay Music, Theatre and Dance comprising musical elements of Kelantan serunai, wayang kulit Kelantan, mak yong, silat jawi, tari inai, dikir barat and main peteri. Arranged by Kamrul Hussin@Wak Long, the music arrangement is fused with contemporary traditional elements. 

Beringin Sakti by Geng Wak Long features our adiguru (Maestro) Pak Nasir Yusoff, a distinguished master of wayang kulit, mak yong, main peteri and dikir barat, together with Fatimah Abdullah (Primadona mak yong) and Hamzah Yusoff (Instruments maker of Malay serunai & Kelantanese musical instruments).






  • Show Date:

    September 16, 2020