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Gerak Angin
The Malaysian Virtual Arts Festival
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September 29, 2020


DiDance was incorporated in 1996 by Zaridah Abdul Mallik primarily as a centre dedicated to preserving the traditional Malay art forms especially in dance and music. One of the objectives of DiDance is to promote public awareness of both traditional and classical court dances and music, through establishing it as a dynamic centre of performing arts via training in the traditional, classical and contemporary techniques. Dancers of DiDance are groomed to honour and maintain the spirit of traditional Malay dance and music alive. The performing group has received national and international acclaim for their excellent and innovative dance presentations.


Kipas Gemalai

Choreographer Zaridah Abdul Mallik

Music Traditional Malay music

Inspired by the beauty of Joget Gamelan, Kipas Gemalai begins as seven fair court maidens celebrate their companionship and the beauty and joy of Life. One maiden hears the tintinnabulation of the gamelan from a distance. Intrigued and moved by the enchanting sound, the maidens are compelled to move to the music, creating a mesmerizing dance together that envelops the atmosphere, filling it with love, grace and blessings. 



  • Show Date:

    September 29, 2020