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Gerak Angin
The Malaysian Virtual Arts Festival
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September 28, 2020

Alena Murang and Mupun Tauh Dance Troupe

Kanid Studio, founded by sape musician Alena Murang, is an outfit focusing on creative projects rooted in cultural tradition, particularly the Dayak heritage. 


Ra’ong by Kanid Studio & Mupun Tauh Dance Troupe
Composition Alena Murang & Joshua Maran
Choreography Mupun Tauh dance troupe 

Ra’ong , the hat that is used to shield us from the sun, is likened to the dome of the great big sky (langit temubong). Alena Murang with her band, accompanied by the Mupun Tauh dance troupe, shares a stroll through the music, song and dance of their homeland, the Kelabit Highlands.




  • Show Date:

    September 28, 2020