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Gerak Angin
The Malaysian Virtual Arts Festival
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September 25, 2020

ACX (Arts, Culture, and Experimental) Productions

ACX (Arts, Culture, and Experimental) Productions is an arts organization established in November 2011, with a vision to reach out to all communities. It was founded by Amelia Tan and graduates from University Malaya Department of Performing Arts, namely Easee Gan, Jinnie Lim, Ceci Yong and Swing Chong who had previously worked together in the 2009 production of Aku Cinta XXX which was held at the Auditorium Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka. Later in 2011, the show was re-staged with new members, Simon Lee and YY Lee who joined the team. Now, ACX has 8 members after AK Siah joined the team in year 2016.

The organisation experiments with all kinds of arts genres, to understand and practice existing theories and methodologies, at the same time to find ways of implementing new creative concepts.        

ACX mission:

  • To inculcate / allow the freedom of creative expression 
  • To provide space for experimentation
  • To retain the essence in the methodology and practise of arts in exploring humanity, culture and society.


Aku Cinta Jarak 1 meter
Director Tan Seok Chin

I love that the virus changes the world,

I love that the virus changes our lifestyle,

I love that we will have to live with the virus if we don’t want to change.

I love that the distance between us is just 1 metre,

I love that the only distance between us and death is also 1 metre.




  • Show Date:

    September 25, 2020