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Gerak Angin
The Malaysian Virtual Arts Festival
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What is Gerak Angin?

“Move Wind” (literal). Gerak Angin is the term used to describe a musical overture made by the performers of spiritual healing traditions in Kelantan, such as Mak Yong and Main Puteri. It is led by a Rebab (spiked fiddle) player to evoke spiritual energy among the musicians, dancers, the space and even the audience.

Coming to you this September!

Reimagined in a virtual space,
the festival showcases amazing local talents in Music, Dance & Theatre

Organised by Masakini Theatre, Sutra Foundation and Surprise Ventures, Gerak Angin, Malaysia’s Virtual Arts Festival will showcase the insightful works of local artistes to be enjoyed in the comfort of your home.

Gerak Angin represents the healing sentiment and tone of Malaysia’s first Virtual Arts Festival – timely, relevant and necessary in our current pandemic-stricken world. And so important to all our arts and culture practitioners. Because what have we got if we do not have our very own music, dance and theatre of Malaysia.

Beginning on Malaysia Day September 16 2020, Gerak Angin is a thoughtful gift to receive on this special day and 16 days thereafter. It will be a colourful spectacle of Malaysian dance, music and theatre highlights by 17 performing arts companies.

Artists and Crews for
17 Performances
Working hours
were spent

Our Organiser

The Malaysian Virtual Arts Festival.

With cancellations of upcoming shows since the global pandemic lockdown on March 18 2020, life for our arts practitioners started to become quite dire. Sabera Shaik of Masakini Theatre Company, Vivek Menon of Surprise Ventures  and Datuk Ramli Ibrahim of Sutra Foundation decided to work together to find a platform that could assist or begin the process of some form of support.

Thankfully, the Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture came to the rescue in providing the government support for the inaugural event: Gerak Angin -The Malaysian Virtual Arts Festival.




Food and Beverage Partner

Vivek Menon – Surprise Ventures
Executive Producer

Datuk Ramli Ibrahim – Sutra Foundation
Artistic Director

Sabera Shaik – Masakini Theatre Company
Artistic Director


Enjoy your Hari Malaysia gift beginning 16th September 2020!

Watch it here from 16th September 2020